Tiny Tiger4:00pm

Tiny Tigers Hyper Pro4:30pm

White - Yellow5:00pm

Tiny Tigers (All Ranks)5:45pm

Teen and Adults6:15pm

Kickbox Nation9:30am

Tiny Tigers Sparring3:30pm

Tiny Tigers (All Ranks)4:00pm

Camo - Purple4:30pm

Leadership Training5:15pm

Hyper Pro Weapons5:45pm

Blue - Black6:15pm

Tiny Tigers (All Ranks)3:30pm

Tiny Tigers Advanced (Camo & Above)4:00pm

White - Yellow4:30pm

Tiny Tigers (Orange Sr. - Yellow Sr.)5:15pm

Camo & Above5:45pm

Hyper Trick School6:30pm

Kickbox Nation9:30am

Tiny Tigers (All Ranks)3:30pm

Tiny Tigers Advanced (Orange Sr & Above)4:00pm

Camo & Above4:30pm

Leadership / Instructor Training5:15pm

Hyper Fight Club5:45pm

Black Belt6:30pm

All Ranks (7 yrs old and up)4:00pm

Tiny Tigers Hyper Pro4:45pm

Hyper Pro5:15pm

Sparring (All Levels)6:00pm

Competition Class6:45pm

Kickbox Nation8:00am

Tiny Tigers (White - Yellow)9:00am

Tiny Tigers Advanced (Camo & Above)9:30am

Tiny Tigers (White - Yellow)10:00am

White - Yellow (7 yrs old and up beginners)10:30am

Camo & Above (intermediate-advanced)11:15am

Black Belt12:00pm

Studio Class Schedule

No Competition Class on Sat 8/29.  STUDIO CLOSED ON LABOR DAY!

  • Classes are 45 minutes
  • Tiny Tigers classes are 30 minutes
  • Competition Class is by invitation only
  • Classes subject to cancellation due to tournaments / events
  • Please wear appropriate do-bok for class 
  • You must have a Hyper Pro-Training Shirt for the Hyper Classes
  • ​Martial Arts T-shirts only allowed on FRIDAY and SATURDAY: Wear your KickForce Martial Arts or Hyper T-shirts only.