"KickForce Martial Arts is the best in San Diego!" - Mackensi Emory 31 x World Champion/ Hyper Pro Athlete

"KickForce Martial Arts is absolutely top notch!" - Mark K. Executive Vice President of a prominent statewide Dispute Resolution Company

"KickForce creates a fantastic environment for people of all ages to feel safe and supported while learning ATA Taekwondo, Hyper Martial Arts, and other complementary training styles."- Dr. Haraden, Parent and Student

ATA Taekwondo Martial Arts School in San Diego

KickForce Martial arts is a fully licensed ATA school and an official Hyper Training Center.  From as young as 3 to 99, KickForce Martial Arts will ensure your family receives the training you deserve while taking your training to the next level. Students will learn the meaning and importance of life skills in addition to physically training.

The ULTIMATE Martial Arts Experience!